paugh or naugh?

Submitted for consideration.

Is this paugh?

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Paughfan212 said...

Surely it is! It may not be the most paughnant example, but c'mon, smowglobes with fake snow, pipes (look at those shapes!), Christmas font, and company greeting card.

Pipefitting, as with many construction trades, is a rich source of paugh.

Paugh seems to have a strong presence in many things pertaining to the "meaner" sorts among us, but, as we have demonstrated on occasion, it is a great uniter regardless of class or education, and, while it seems rarer among the young and hip, even the young and hip were once small and paugh with their hand-turkeys and misdirected, dampened enthusiasm; indeed, the young and hip may even return to a state of paugh when they are aged. Who can say?

Here, behold these paper doll versions of three scientific luminaries, whose work drives humanity to realizing its fullest paughtential: