Paugh Creature

This is the Willie Creation I never made.

Paugh Origins: Ruprecht

(just *a* Ruprecht - temporary photo)

The beginnings of Paugh as a word begin in the home of the Teagues. They would have spontaneous wrestling matches between the brothers... who knows why... but the ultimate move was the Ruprecht. The Ruprecht is a move more subtler than judo, in which instead of using force, you just drape your arms over your opponent limply and let out a long stream of "paaaaauuuuuughghhhghhhhhhhhh" . This would immediately win the match, as the opponent curls into a little ball to escape the terrible paugh slam.

The Ruprecht derives its name from the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, in which Steve Martin plays a character of the same name. A careful analysis of his behavior is what unlocked the deadly art of paugh in combat. Good ol' Steve - a man of cunning.

Computer Science People

CS people are full of good mirth and cheer, not to mention brimming with neat ideas and illicit images on their hard drives, but they are the Paugh Masters in their own domain.

the line that I have pushed

That's two posts concerning elderly people in a row. I'm DEFINITELY going to get some comment sometime about this. It's all a matter of time.

Paugh Safety Data Sheet

Paugh can be quite debilitating when absorbed in large doses over a lifetime. This man must have taken close to several thousand PADS (a measure of paugh dosage) at some time in his life, and he has fallen into a state of paughcrosis (paugh-out in rigor).

I like the discus guy.

There is a distinct possibility that I will get a complaint about this.
I present to you the Golden Age Games 2004:

Occasion Cards

99% of all cards, pertaining to most any event you care to pick, make you dumber by reading them. Hallmark is where bad writers go to die.

For instance, this guy has to put on the "oh, this is cute clever and touching" face, but his "I want to slap someone" face is what is fighting to come out:

Same here:

If you make a card, put in the effort. The kid on the right has real potential:

Swedish Fish


Chances are that you never ran into this game, but Nethack is a text / turn based dungeon adventure game that has a surprising amount of depth. I had a weeklong affair with it, but I had to put it down after I convinced myself that '@' is not my avatar of choice... or maybe it was the intense headaches after I died yet again from another random event that I could not have predicted.

In any case... a pretty paugh experience. I was simultaneously eating Ramen on a hot day as well, which gives a 10x paugh boost. You can try it yourself sometime.

'%' is food by the way. Yummy.


I'm not quite sure if I would classify this as strictly paugh, but it surely is some mixture between paugh and creeptastic. In any case, you gotta witness the glory of "Big Ron".

i changed my mind (unkle mix)

I felt withdrawl for paugh. I guess my bitter addiction will always bring me back.

Sassy People

I found this page rather funny.

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Montana Ashley: "check out that chick, she is so Montana" "yeah, she is Montana to the bone".

Still Life with Dog

David Bowie Knew Him

Meet "the Rocketman"

More here:

Big Hats - The Cousin of the Fannypack

"Where Winning Is A Tradition!"

I noticed that high school murals are generally paugh and otherwise poorly drawn.

Bad Wrestling Art

Heel Toe