politically (in)correct paugh


is this rowdy roddy?

purpose-driven paugh

Former Paugh Wrestling Association Champs

hurry mum!

Merry christmas to all!

Thanks again, Paughfan212!

christmas paugh from paughfan212 - runner ups

Another good candidate for a paugh seek 'n' find. What did you find?

christmas paugh from paughfan212

So far, Paughfan212 has outdone himself with submissions for Christmas paugh. Here are some of the submissions I felt were too paugh not to post:

More to come!!


-submitted by paughfan212

pocket full of pretties

- complete with faceless doll entrance -

faithful followers of paugh

Happy winter solstice to you all. While I know most paughfiles prefer to stay in the shadows, I nevertheless would like to request submissions of Christmas-related paugh videos, pictures, stories etc. for a Christmas Day post.

Multiple submissions are welcome. I prefer an onslaught of potential holiday paugh.

Soooo, see what pictures of bad christmas sweaters, decorations, and holiday gatherings you have stored away, what videos of paugh office parties and what holiday clip art you have stumbled across, and submit away.

Send all such paugh treasures to LOF3@aol.com.


christmas paugh: stockings

the shape, the dimensions, the purpose, the decoration...

hair shades

speaking of peter pan...

thank peter pan, it's friday

paugh decorating tips

1. hang floral curtains asymetrically
2. purchase a fine art poster with the artist's name written below
3. frame poster with small, lonely wall sconces
4. bedside lamp too small for reading
5. la-z-boy recliner
6. paugh-out pillows at foot of bed
7. accentuate crown molding with wallpaper border

tilting claps / opera hands

segway fanny pack

happy birthday paugh - 4

what is christmas without rico?

darth vader poked my stomach

paughpcorn plumage

west virginia public accountants association

Prophet of Paugh, Michael Nelson, warned us about West Virginia, but we didn't believe him.

reclining paugh revisited: a paugh seek 'n' find

* carpeted, wood-paneled den/living room
* unidentifiably rustic decorative pots
* hats 'n' pom-poms
* lonely nondescript candles on candlesticks
* tacky mythological statuette
* self-satisfied smirk and paughsture

faint mustache

more fencers

billy's incontinence

fencers are paugh