insert paugh title here

Paugh-Out is a Panic Response

Meet "Muffin"

This man is so secure in his austere paughness.

Nummy Num Num

Paugh us to your Leader

Been sick, but back to give you paugh posts - horray.

Presenting: Bill Gates

Oh, yes. There is more!

Paugh King of the Moment

If you image search "Paugh", this guy comes first. Not surprisingly, he is a mound of paugh.

Paugh: Embraced



House Beat Paugh

Thanks to Trent for pointing this out to me. It's borderline, because it involved energy, but I think it drains just as much energy out of you. I'll wait until the verdict comes in.

Paugh Food #2

Holy Crap - flan is paugh. Just look at it, sitting there. It is the only food that can paugh out itself.

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

we are the space robots

If you look really closely, you can find the paugh.

(we are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space)



OK - this guy might kinda remind you of Kip from Nappy D., but it's not his appearance that really makes him a Paugh All Star. I refer you kindly to his biography:

"An avid clogger, I also direct the Old Capitol Cloggers , a clogdancing club for members of the local community."

Now I realize - clogging is the one true dance of PAUGH. We shall all clog into the night...

paugh paugh paugh...


Plain Paugh

Musical Paugh

Confusing Paugh

This is hard to define why it is paugh, but I promise you it is.

Paugh: Effects of #4

Wrestling with the Reality of Paugh

Paugh Food #1

If you don't know why biscuits are paugh, you've obviously never sat with 2 other people in a parking lot inside a warm humid car with the lights off in the dark and no music. Then, you may know where I'm coming from.

Paugh: a whatis

Many of you are desiring to know just what paugh is. We refer you to the current description of Paugh as it is currently understood.

Paugh: Effects of #3

Gotta Get My Stuff Done

Here is a paughsome video. Kinda describes it all, doesn't it?

She's right, you know.

Barb Paugh

If you can find the imfamous Barb Paugh website, you will understand why she is here. And plus, she's pretty paugh as-is, no?

Mobile Paugh

Paugh: Effects of #2

Paugh: Effects of #1

Keep'n it in the family will own you

Yup, is up and running. The original plans for a grand, glorious, and otherwise mildly exciting custom website for paugh have been put on the back burner for the time being. The compromise of a Blog format has its own advantages, though, such as making this stuff pretty simple. If you want to complain, that's really too bad - the Willies are impervious to your comments.

So in conclusion - welcome to We're in your corner.