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occupy paugh street

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John Denver and a yawning festival

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Winner: Paugh Holiday Contest -- Paugh Stocking Stuffers

I cannot resist a good Larry Bird post, and Paughfan212 is once again a paugh disciple after my own heart. I present to you this year's contest submission that best embodies the spirit of the paugh stockin stuffer.

Paughfan212, if you would email your mailing address to olneyfowler@gmail.com, you will receive your flan prize shortly!

Honorable Mention: Paugh Holiday Contest -- Paugh Stocking Stuffers

The indomitable Paughfan212 again has produced some prize flan-worthy submissions.  Here are the first and second runners-up for the Paugh Holiday Contest:

Contest First Runner Up:

Contest 2nd runner up:

Contest Honorable Mentions: 

Tomorrow, the winner!

Honorable Mention: Paugh Holiday Contest -- Paugh Stocking Stuffers

Introducing a new laborer in paugh research and development, Willa!  These two finds perfectly capture the heart of paugh: the old couch smell, packaged white undergarments, and that "look over here, I want to get your picture opening presents" look.

Congratulations, Willa! Submissions are welcomed all year 'round!

pre-christmas zumba paugh marathon

shirt full o' guitars

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professor david redlawsk

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Google Image Searching Your Own Name

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crop-n-combover (a lincoln scholar)

thank friday, it's stump man

laughg man

pet shelter christmas parties

happy birthday, from barney

Soar, paugh people!

20/20 paugh

Paughsome.com Blue in full force

Dr. Mather has once again come through with a brilliant find:


thank friday, it's a holiday contest!

Happy Holidays to you all!

Like last year, I thought it would be appropriate to do a little contest here at paughflap. After scouring the furthest reaches of the internet and searching every doily-covered end table in West Virginia, please submit photos, videos, or stories to olneyfowler@gmail.com. You could also tweet them to @paughsome as well or post them on the paugh fanpage on facebook.

This year, the theme is "paugh stocking stuffers".

The winner will win the coveted Paughfan212 Award of Paugh Excellence, a flan, and the Christmas post on Paughflap.

Happy searching!

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