The Slanket

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In honor of Dr. Blue's expansion of the paugh universe onto the west coast (besides josh's brief summer sojourn), there will be a gathering of paugh at my (Lee's) residence on Friday, October 26.

Paugh attire is required.

We welcome any and all fans of paugh, experiencers of paugh, lovers of paugh, victims of paugh, sons and daughters of paugh, explorers of paugh, and followers of paugh (hooray for epistrophe).

Any questions should be sent to

paugh grab-bag


Along with first base coaches, umpires can be pretty paugh. Evidence:

Dog... of the future!!!

Sponsored Fanny Pack

I'm wary, but here it is:

Georgia Fair 2007

A dash of paugh from the Georgia National Fair.

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The Balaclava Helmet

Paugh Arms: the Approach

When you want to inflict paugh on someone, you lay on them with paugh arms. To wit:


for explanation, refer to the right.

you are the wheelman

that's great, Tom