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You . . . . Wont . . . . Believe . . . What . . . We. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

Both Amazing and Paugh

Sent in by Lee. Good work.

Modest Swimware

I think these people actually went out of business (go figure), but the idea was an entire line of "modest swimware" that is basically a full length dress you wear into the ocean with you. Paugh.

Banana Merc


Come Up With Your Own Conclusions

Paugh Most High

Hitchhiker's Guide to Paugh

Sigur Paugh

I Had to Distract You From the AIDS Post


Andre the Giant

This is a Good Thing

I like putting up mass-posts. Maybe this will be my new way of spreading paugh.

Superman's Nephew

Another Paugh All-Star

Mr. Bond?


The Sweet Spot


He is a Math Teacher

Straight to Hell for This?

I'm sorry - that kid is paugh and makes me laugh.

Sailor Moon - Cosplay is Paugh

Imagine This with Hardcore Trance Music Playing


Pipe Dreams

Mary Had a Little Paugh

Make Love to the Camera


This Has to be Paugh - Somehow

Esselle - Swedish Paughsome

A link originally due to Esselle:

Good time favorite!

American Movie - See It

Peering Paugh

Buckets Rank 7 on a Paugh Scale of 10

Paugh: Stimulus Response

This was contributed from one of our many workers in the field.

Asians: Paugh Starts Early

communication skills - zefrank

communication skills - zefrank (funny designer speak)

Find the Paugh - Part 2

Web Rings: The Fountain of Everlasting Paugh

Most of you out there missed the glory days of the webring. Let me explain to you this thing. The academic definition is: a collection of sites tied together sequentially in a "ring", such that you can navigate through them all by moving forward or backward on a periodic array of URLs. The practical definition is: a bunch of crappy sites that hope to leech off the popularity of the one decent site (creating a ring pecking order of who is the closest to said decent site). The net result: a whole lot of paugh. I invite you to do your own research.