drum doilies are paugh

more guys named larry

#1 paugh tip: wear white pants

circular edge blur

armless paugh

the effects of scale on paugh

bill byrne for commission chairman 1

wilford brimley

-suggested by Paughfan212 in a recent comment-

holiday road

-disabling paugh from Paughfan212-

Paughfan212 presents "sketches of paugh"

madras rock show

-lovely submission from friend of paugh, Willa-


awkward is not always paugh (but it is here)

There are a few qualities of this photo that tip awkward into paugh territory:
-circular elements in the background with a strange gravitational quality, drawing other visual elements in on themselves--a paugh collapse, if you will
-cropping which creates undue weight for an overwhelmingly paugh device, the lifesaver
-a variation of the lean, the head-tilt

flesh-colored things

paugh of confection

Very thankful CakeWrecks.com has found other Olympian cake mishaps here.

medicine balls are paugh

classic, consistent paugh

neck pillows

the face of an imminent paugh out - reprise

the face of an imminent paugh out - stage 3

the face of an imminent paugh out - stage 2

the face of an imminent paugh out

playing electronic wind instruments since 1979

playing electronic winds since 1978

the birth of the lyricon

unity sand is paugh