yet more filler



device in use

(decaf paugh)

lottery winner pictures

sometimes paugh

sometimes creepy

hot dog vehicles

So much potential for paugh, but most fall short (besides the old guy).

superfluous fake limbs = paugh art

same person that made the meat faces... figures

wind beneath my wings

[paughout] the swan

echos of paugh long past


See them here.

World's Largest Floating Loon

It's tethered to the lake floor.

that love'n feeling

Official Paugh Animal v1.0

I'm leaning towards the mallard, but this is tentative.

finger puppets

When eye-to-eye contact is not really necessary.


Specifically, wet socks that make squishing sounds in your shoes as you walk around. That slow, muted squish....... squish........... squish...

Figure 1: Socks.

Olive Loaf