teachers of teachers

paugh on ice

george clooney was paugh

paugh search keywords

fruit frame

pair of leaners - 2

see also: here

Fair Day: October 15th!!!

like a mattress on a bottle of wine


paugh and paughress

12:10, do you know where you're faded glory t-shirt is at?

a man walks into a bar

that paugh smell

heart-shaped things are paugh

over my helmet

or "circus boy's shirt"

your grandmother's armchair

food pyramids are paugh

cartoon pectoral paugh

ancient nilotic paugh

Paughfan212 has been perusing Wikipedia articles on socks, it seems.

billy bob

fishing for new students (or back to school bulletin board paugh)

puff paint is paugh

every creature that you meet

new inductee into s.f.p.t.o.t.o.o.t

Paughfan212 has been experimenting with putting things on top of other things. Well done.

house of lloyd

more verles