classic paugh - 6

Cofounder of Paugh on a Conference Bike (circa 2007)

pirate marionette rockstar mullet paugh

Once again from Gigs.


thank friday, it's raughnald!

recently discovered paugh: conference bikes

--Thanks once again to Paughfan212--

just sweet paugh

- from Gigs, a treasury of melodic paugh.

b - r - o

monday: adventures of minipeter - 1

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fuzzy wuzzy

one-legged parking lot donkey (and her mom)

captain(s) stopwatch(es)

captain australia blue

Thanks Will.

singing valentines

post-grammys anti-indie rage is paugh

al franken and canned cranberry sauce

hamsters with hats, hamsters in hats, hamster hats

thank friday, it's sparkly paugh

McClarin High School Paugh

Paugh content: name tag, tiled projection graphic with no screen, school posters, high floppy pants, gold buttons, paughed out chart paper.

valentine plush


Larry Bird's mustache:
Not Larry Bird, but paugh nonetheless:

head covering potpourri

super bowl paughrty food

t not o: the science of paugh

puppetry paugh: rolf


Teddy Pendergrass Is Paugh

Probably more to come...


Thankfully, John Piper's 80's paugh did not keep him from writing Desiring God 25 years ago.