situational, circumstantial, environmental paugh

horace greeley and a strange neck beard


another paugh wilhelmus

Smudging charcoal is probably also paugh.  

wilhelmus a brakel and those who love him


I will instantly be friends with anyone who knows who Wilhelmus a Brakel is.  Paugh surrounds him, however, as his portraits and devotees reveal.  Again, remember: paugh is not a pejorative.  Some of my best paugh are friends. 

unpeopled holiday turtlenecks on carpet gradients

describing paugh in korean

gradient diagrams are paugh

ambiguous paugh

exercise trampolines

I'm having difficulty articulating the exact nature of the paugh present in exercise trampolines.  Any thoughts?  Jesse?  Paughfans? Brett?

brochures and bulletin boards

The paugh presentation of information in bulletin boards and brochures is only heightened by the man and woman's uncertainty whether the picture is being taken or which camera to look at.

feet and shoulder doilies are paugh


thanksgiving, 1985

There is a brave fight going on in this photo.  There is a brave (albeit futile) declaration of "not paugh!" in the surrounding family warring against the breathy "paugh..." sigh of the sweatered child on the mid-bottom-left. 

When chairs happen to people

Paugh or naugh? Cross-dressing couples

Need help on this one.  29 couples pictured.  Picture 1 = normal clothes; picture 2 = swapped clothes.  Examples below.  Paugh or naugh?

people plus birds

no chin with (blurry) facial hair

the percussion lean

yaughmaha and paughnama jack

water cozies

beard beanies