port st. ly paugh

effects of paugh: blood pressure

-testing the effects of dummy-directed paugh exhaling exercises on blood pressure-

presence / presents

make it a double

fear and paugh in los alamos


merry christmas, nana

clarence in michigan

mildred's desk

lessons in praughnunciation (from a jack-o-lantern)

luke, i am your paughther

The Dixie Retort

From http://www.dixiecanner.com/2020.htm

je ne sais quoi

sadly santa

Alas, I'm afraid the mass of holiday paugh has overcome paugh-seekers in one fruitcaked mass.  Due to few (only Paughfan212) submissions, I'm going to cancel 2012's contest and propose a new contest in 2013.  I'll let you guys know sooner next time 'round!  I'll post some of Paughfan's submissions in the meantime.  Happy Holidays!

2012 Paugh Christmas Contest!

Good day to you all.  It's that time of year again!  It was my intention to have Paughflap completely up-to-date by the time of the Christmas Contest, but alas, time has run out on me. 

The show must go on, however, so everyone may begin submitting their Christmas paugh finds now.  Submissions will be evaluated and a winner will be chosen and announced with the featured Christmas post! 

So, that's only a week away!

The winner will also receive the coveted Christmas flan!  Paughfan212 can testify the exhausting blandness that arrived at his doorstep last year.  It could be yours!

Please send all submissions (files, links, etc.) to olneyfowler@gmail.com.  I expect quality submissions from Willa, Jesse Fried, Paughfan 212,  Paughfan 903, and anyone else out there who would like to take a stab at the top prize!

cabbage paughtch

This looks like my Paugh Party II outfit. 

rooster candle(holders)

candle crafts


shoe rack, turtleneck and jacket

key id bands are paugh

adult tricycles - 2

adult tricycles - 1

moving mattresses is paugh