taco time with bunnies

taco time

world's largest floating loon, world's largest loon, world's third largest loon

(inspired by an old Paughsome.com blue post in the lost archives)

another mike

ambiguous clothing is paugh

Slow Motion Sneezing

(Better without sound.)

Enough with the Kenny Loggins!

Kenny Loggins (1)

headstands are paugh - 2


Paughfan212 has made me aware of the whistling Silbo Gomero language.  Not sure about the sound it makes, but the paughsture required to create the whistling sound is quite paugh. 

April 2011

I want to direct the Paugh faithful to the archive for April 2011, which was an amazing month for paugh. 

Relive and re-pass out from exhaustion.

sweating cakes are paugh

web timbrel girls

happy birthday, mom. here are some french horns.

man next to large objects - 2