grassy paugh

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finnish music video monday - 5

Safety first

For those unexpected office paugh-outs.

no chin paugh (me and dave edition)

thank friday, it's a long neck tea cozy!

kid n paugh

dot dot dot

mr. zero punctuation

Paugh content: lanyard, one hand in pocket (thumbs and all), other arm dangling, goatee, probably a mouth breather

spin your partner paugh and paugh

blue, where are you?

finnish music video monday - 4

bad visual puns are paugh

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post-rapture paugh out

thank friday, someone illustrated the end times!

harold camping (and his shadow) is paugh

As the end of the world nears, paugh increases.

paugh posture - chess club photographs

In anticipation of Brett's eventual math team post....

what lewis might see

paugh fashion: dressed to sit

finnish music video monday - 3

2011 - 1 = ?


This is also pretty amazing (wiperblade photo transitions!).

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thank friday, blogger's back! (and it's mr. blobby!)

rough as a joe cobb

larry, darryl, and darryl

and these guys:

Fisk Fam

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paugh reprise: orville and an owl

For reference, see here and here.

hellish theology paugh

ancient macinsoft paugh


obi wan korea