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tie-dyed, vigilante fanny pack paugh

portly panda (in shorts)

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Kilts: Too Easy

When I set about making a post of men in kilts, I quickly learned that the difficulty would come in paring down the oversupply of available paugh images. I was not looking for a needle in a haystack, but for the best needles in a large stack of adequate ones.

The issue is that the images of kilts have many common elements, all of which are paugh.

For example, kilts are often worn with a strikingly fanny-pack-like accessory.

Men in kilts adopt a common pose, possibly for two reasons:

1. The shape of the "skirt" makes them stand with their legs unnaturally far apart.

2. The lack of pockets give wearers no good place to put their hands.

The socks are always pulled all the way up, with two narrow strips of white hairy legs timidly peaking through.

Whether in a traditional Scottish scene, in the home, or at a hotel swimming pool, the context of a man in a kilt always - yes, always - adds to the paugh effect.

"Honey, let me take a picture of you before you go." Check.

This is but a sampling of the bottomless treasure trove of paugh pictures of men in kilts. Yes, it's too easy. But it had to be done.

homecoming paugh

viking for life

the singing nun

Someone has been watching too much Time-Life!

kinda dumb and kinda smart

your choice: raincloud or car accident

knees are paugh

coil sheep

food photaughgraphy

blooming bellamy

Fair Day!

fair day countdown: 1 day!

fair day countdown: 2 days!

How could feathers and dinosaurs be in the same photograph and not be paugh?

fairday countdown: 3 days!

happy birthday - 3

Fair Day Countdown: 4 days!

Garden Gnome and Cat

there is a piece of fluff in my ear...


anniversary paugh - 3