intergalactic (and very white) paugh

broken, unbroken recliners


2:08 pm

similar image search

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Once upon a time, Mr. Paughfan212 introduced to the Google similar image search as a gateway to paugh exploration.  Some photos prove more effective searches than others.  This one, thought not completely paugh in itself, yet yeilded paugh results.  Observe:

fruitcakes are paugh

pre-ironic christmas sweaters are paugh

Seldom does peppy music fight paugh with such bravery and futility. 


This might have been a contender for the prize.  He's not in his most paugh form, but hey... it's Noddy Holder!

santaugh, baby!

Another Paughfan212 contribution and caption:
"As now-defeated New Jersey Tea Party congressional candidate Anna Little sings "Santa Baby", deprived of all sultriness, we have a code beige (or what is a paugh color? Corduroy?) paugh out on the bottom left at 1:18."

feliz navidaugh

-via Paughfan212-

Inflatable Santa Paugh-Out

Seen on I75

Paugh or Naugh

Sent to me from a friend and coworker (same guy) with question:  paugh or naugh?

What think ye?  See context here.  Discuss.

the effect we hope to have on paughflap viewers

improvisational paugh

circular beard

math teams, captains, and sponsors are paugh

mouse pads are/were paugh

sans chin

Another brave attempt to temper paugh, this time by placing a lime-green stripe in the center of his hair.  Often non-paugh details that might have balanced out the paugh elements in fact accentuate paugh because of its lack of commitment.  It's like bright, tasteless icing on a paugh cake.  It merely calls attention to the mass of paugh underneath. 
I'm pretty sure this young man is merely pausing for the camera before his mouth droops and his breath releases into a long breathy "pppaaauuuggghhh" right before he collapses. 

candlelight service wax guards

At his church's Christmas program, Brett and I were discussing the presence of paugh in the paper wax guard of candlelight service candles.  Any thoughts? 

unfortunate denim

if a man asks for a paugh sweater and a cookie...

globular mass of okra, vienna sausage, and rice

that also might be a doily...

flan and fanny pack combo

vets and their pets are paugh

handlessly and dopily paugh


paughla and paughla's dog, paughl

paughing gas