Sworn Enemies of the A-Team

field dressing deer

yeah, the expression on the second guy from the left is about right. [contributed: BG]

paugh in a can... sort of

Far-Infrared Hyperthermic Sauna Dome, a.k.a., the personal paugh-out generator

This machine lies you horizontally in an uncomfortably hot, dopey tube. Oh, and they are also members of a webring. paugh paugh paugh...

silly pet supplies

I think the term "fluff holders" is paugh in and of itself.

craft fairs: so very paugh

among horses, this is paugh

Rolled Up Pantas

Two Reasons to Live

ED-209: not paugh

One of the least paugh things in existence. It's friggen sweet.

Paugh Family Picnic & Going Away Party

it's like the teddy bear picnic.


The ambitious field researcher goes to White Water.

fountain of bounty

friends of cathy (bad comics)

It's unfortunate how some comics manage to be seen, despite their total lack of humorous content. These drain me completely and make me want to sit down. Not that they are necessarily poorly drawn or that I don't get the joke, but they possess negative funny that annihilates all nearby funny in a whiff of hydrogen and ozone.

A case in point, this author can at least strike something funny:

or lightly humorous:

and sometimes a little creepy:

but some comics are just, well, this:

No chuckling, no nothing. Sure, we get it, but we really don't care. We are all going to lie down for a while and contemplate if we should ever get up again.

Shame on you.