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1 Sleeping Dude with Sagging Glasses with a Cat on Top

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s.f.p.t.o.t.o.o.t - Clover

Paugh Revival: Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things

paugh, the epidemic (is your child safe?)

Classic Paugh -5

Rocketman Hall of Fame: http://www.the-rocketman.com/hall_of_fame.html

Classic Paugh -4 (Origins of Paugh)

The beginnings of Paugh as a word begin in the home of the Teagues. They would have spontaneous wrestling matches between the brothers... who knows why... but the ultimate move was the Ruprecht. The Ruprecht is a move more subtler than judo, in which instead of using force, you just drape your arms over your opponent limply and let out a long stream of "paaaaauuuuuughghhhghhhhhhhhh" . This would immediately win the match, as the opponent curls into a little ball to escape the terrible paugh slam.

The Ruprecht derives its name from the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, in which Steve Martin plays a character of the same name. A careful analysis of his behavior is what unlocked the deadly art of paugh in combat. Good ol' Steve - a man of cunning.

Classic Paugh -3 (A Lesson in Paugh)

The mistake most people make about paugh is that they try to disentangle paugh from the effects of paugh - but the two are intricately intertwined. The essence of paugh lies in a deep draining of energy ("paughing out") from those who become exposed to something paugh, combined with a touch of normalcy. Paugh is not just random funny things nor things that make people pass out - so an anesthetic delivering troupe of clowns does not necessarily have to be paugh. It is a subtle art.

Classic Paugh -2

Classic Paugh -1

We may have lost our archives, but paugh -- despite causing fatigue itself -- nevertheless has an indefatigable and resilient existence. Over the next several days we will be revisiting some classic paugh visuals and definitions. Enjoy.

Radiant Farms

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Turn Slowly to the 9:00 Position

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Lessons in Paugh: How To Induce Paugh - 1

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