more sudden and unexpected paugh-outs.

120% crazy mountain man

it's got polka!

for your love

These are here for sheer enjoyment. Sit back and take it in.

sacks of potatoes

Sacks and potatoes are pretty paugh in and of themselves, but together, they blend in a wonderous paugh harmony from the mountains of Columbia.

paugh video game monsters: the Red Slime

low-level warriors beware.

Li'l Continental.

Submitted by a fellow Paughsome fan...

paugh dance party

This Friday night, at the Paugh Paugh Patch, it's the 3rd annual paugh dance party - bring your flan. (have your sound on for the full excruciating effect)

bad drivers too

buy paugh for $30

Hobby Lobby Springtime Rabbit

  • Jar is approximately 12" long.
  • Butterfly has nice touch of two delicate metal antennae.
  • Only marking on the bottom is paper label with price and Made In China.
  • Issue Price - $30.00
  • Available at Hobby Lobby Stores.

  • Plungers.

    come play with us, Danny.

    For those of you that are still not aware of the Puppy Pile (or "cuddle party") approach to life, the concept is very simple. Get a group of your friends. Not just any of your friends, but the kind that would like to get together in pajamas (this is important). Put them all in pajamas. Paugh out.

    All they forgot was the flan and pancakes.

    the ready.

    the rally.

    the reckoning.

    the reflection.

    fashion of the fanny pack

    high tech fanny pack

    Paugh is surname number 8017 in the USA.

    It's true. The Paugh walk among us.

    Country Woman Magazine

    Sock monkeys and a flannely good times - thank you country woman magazine.

    Paugh-ranian Warfare

    paugh, homo-erotic, and just a little sad - silly Iranian Army.

    no one can stop us now... cause we are all made of paugh...


    this show has some profoundly paugh moments. get aquainted.

    Current Events in Paugh

    See if you can spot the pukkered lips below on the verge of muttering "Paugh."



    meter reader