body pouch and capsack

musketeer of the year

pair of leaners

cockle doodle don't

reclining / inclining paugh

red green makes apple juice and a dvd

half a dozen biscuits

Patriotism, half a dozen biscuits, and oven mitts = triple paugh delight

cutts paugh

My father-in-law self-describes himself as paugh. As confirmation:

Sidenote: I photographed this on one of the SIXTEEN dog beds in their house. Perfect paugh-out landing pads.

elder socks and sandals paugh

Remember this?

bulletin boards revisited

current bulletin board from the school where I work:

paugh content: awkward spacing, obscured pun referent, border

catchers' masks, mustaches, and tight pants

For more, check out:

frilly pink throw pillow- and microwave-induced paugh-out

speaking of hoverounds... - 2

speaking of hoverounds...

back to school - 2 - teacher sweaters

back to school - 1 - bulletin boards

Puns, evenly spaced food-related cut-outs, and border.



We've seen variants of this on here before. But now there's an entire blog dedicated to this paugh offshoot. The tagline is especially thoughtful: "Photos of people who are leaning for no good reason."

Kitty Couch Paugh

And you'll never believe the name of the site where I stumbled into this.

searching for paugh

Often, in search of electronically published paugh, search engines, with just the right incantation, are capable of conjuring copious collections of metatagged paugh.
What searches generate the most paugh? "Fish sticks on plate," "hoveround," "Carl"?

Elephant in the Room

sorry, we're sold out

When I see Indiana Adams wearing these, I'll know they're legit:

until then: paauuugghhhh....

sanding dance

gingerbread roker

Moments in Paugh History - Paugh Road

In the summer of 2007, Brett and I took a road trip to find the enigmatic Paugh Road in central Ohio, hoping it would shed some light on paugh and its manifestations. I must say paugh was quite elusive that day, but I have a feeling P.G. Doles might have had some insight had we spoken with him at 1360 Paugh Road:

There were, however, some indications Paugh Road had previously been visited by its namesake:

(agricultural paugh out)

(rural sanitation paugh out)

paugh as a van rolling down a slight hill

"yum" said the rug

driving back to georgia...

Ted from Sally Forth = paugh

our country 'tis of thee

bruce and a blue screen

Paugh identification time: How many elements of paugh can you find?