more buckles

First PSK Rumble

Apparently, you get a buckle for winning amateur radio contests.

a victim of nuclear paughout

Paugh for Dummies

mr. bill

"Mr.McIninch built this quadrifiliar helix antenna, too! What do you think it is used for? How can you find out?"

"This is Mr. Bill McIninch's QSL card! What do you think he is doing in this picture?"

I had a dream like this once...

dopey is not paugh

(but sometimes it is)

love me do

classico paugh

3/4 Time

hidden worlds

Visit the site for the complete experience, but here are some product samples to whet your ap-paugh-tite.

Load testing...


pipe dreams

Craigslist Paugh

This was in the free section of the ATL craigslist, the most paugh and sad post I think I could have ever imagined:

This is a OLD poster that my mom bought a while ago... It's called "The Forebears". It's pretty cute, but we don't have that theme in our house. It's been rolled up, so the edges are a little crinkled, but it's nothing that would look bad in a frame.

My one condition is that you MUST come to me to pick this item up. I'd offer to meet y'all somewhere, but I'm a full-time student and work full-time as well, so time doesn't permit much. Thanks for your understanding!

If you have any questions or you're interested, don't hesitate to reply to this as I check my email very frequently. Thanks!