bruce vilanch is paugh


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cabbage patch confectionery paugh

This combination was especially draining to me:

clear plate, table cloth matching border, miniblinds, a white nearly-bare shelf with boombox and cordless phone charger.

north aughvenue trade school

leavened paugh

chinese checkers tournament winners

thank friday, it's more prom photos!

--renaissance prom-

-prom gangsta-

-prom posse-


-prom lasers-

check yes, no, or maybe


long-necked mannequins

partners in paugh: look at this 80's mustache

from paugh curators over at Look At This 80's Mustache

paugh collectible throwback: troll dolls

shoulder paugh

Kardashian or grandma, 80's or 90's, high or low fashion... Shoulder pads are paugh.

thank friday, it's finger drums!

those crafty leprechaughns

halo for paugh

the ides of march

monday: adventures of minipeter - 2

connie manufacturing: installation services

landmark paugh discovery: flattops

Thanks to Paughfan 212, the organized collective paugh power of flattops can now fully be appreciated. Though one might have guessed that flattops were merely isolated islands of paugh floating in a sea of normalcy, we now have found conclusive evidence that there is a vast continent teeming with paugh in the land down under. There is no use trying to extract images and arrange them for full effect. I merely give you Tony L and request that you take a paugh field trip to Brisbane to visit the Flat Top Crew.