animated wolf

wolves in snowglobes

presidential award

indefinably beige paugh

Fact: Paughfan212 is a world-class miner of paugh

me and mee-maw

I think there be a no-chin peeking out back there, too. 

tornado drill posture or mass paugh-out procedure

dee and tee

sketches of chewbacca are paugh

chewbacca out of context is paugh (or maybe just amusing)

hovercraft + airboats = magnified paugh exhalation

thank friday, it's the 1988 astros! (and one phillie)

from kindred spirits at "It's Almost My Turn to Order"

mayor's award

paugh trio:  leaning, plaques, and what to do with my hands

prints and woodland creatures

anachronistic paugh

lobster hats are paugh