happy halloween, hairline

forced paugh-outs

dip 'n' dots


last one... for more, go here.

versus devilina

spiderwoman and a centerpiece

symmetry and oversized casserole holder

painted rocks are paugh

fanny pack, cuz

It's been a while since a fanny pack post...


-stolen from Willie's profile pictures-

tending their nets

josh's kindergarten teacher's sister

shimmering and weightless paugh

Teachers of Paugh

Ms. Paugh is curious about everything.

lessons in paugh: pronunciation - 2

Also, thanks inogolo.

lessons in paugh: parenting

fair day!!!

can a wig climb?

lessons in paugh

beau blue

bunnies aren't always, paugh, but this guy is.


corn on the caughb

perry (health) fair

herm and tammy (cropping is key)

spock collages (6 years!)

peddler dolls

reader's digest

one more from TP

a future paugh classic, no doubt

balloon static

From paugh kindred at Terrifying People.