(via Willie -- who has refused to post his goods lately -- he just emails them. jerk.)

paugh american folk heroes

dancing to a ringtone = paugh

the distribution of paugh in the united states

WV appears to be ground zero folks, should be set up a trip to Mecca some day....?

the family crest

What's going on

Everything around me is Paugh today:

Aroused Paugh

Hi grandma

Paughlice Cruiser

...because the Segway was just not stupid enough...

Congested paugh-out

Fire drills are paugh

And the aforementioned video... I'll have an order of white tennis-shoes and jean shorts to go, please.

Cucumber pickers of belarus

Full story here.

Croquet Tournament

It's in Maine.

boy scouts.

Anyone have a good caption for this gem?

Chair massages are paugh.

Took this a few months ago in Perimeter mall. The way those asian men just LAY into their subjects is astounding.

A real paugh treat.