Paugh friends of the future.

The following is from a chat that 'Blue' and I had the other night while digging for paugh material:

... more to come later from this would-be fruitful treasure hunt.

Background, meet Foreground.

Ignore the hair and we've got a single pale color wash across the image.

Owls Can Be Paugh

Paughsome Re-brand

By now, you've probably noticed the paughsome redesign... now, we have a question for you.

Assuming we end up dropping our domain (long, sordid story there) and go with hosting on Blogger (same old setup you're used to, minus owning the .com) what should the name be?

We could keep the tried and true Paughsome... however we could also re-brand with something a bit different.

'Blue' and I are discussing going with one of the following names -- they each have their merits. The choices:


Say them out loud to yourself to see which has the best ring.

Of course, if there's an other name you're thinking -- now's your chance -- throw it into the ring. So... comments?

Police chiefs are paugh.

perfect circle drawing

Credit to Jenny H.

paugh feathers flock together

Nascent Paugh:

Full-Blown Paugh:

Terminal Paugh: