he's trying way too hard

yessir - paugh indeed

we control the vertical and horizontal

lookie lookie

Lookie lookie - a little keepsake. I held back on paughsome long enough to allow this huge post. Enjoy!


Pope. (say with a breathy 'o')

Just look at that paugh look on his face. I'm sorry.

another paugh band... sigh

Befuddled Pig

Sad Pig

He Has "Jockey Hair"

Take Him Seriously

Last Known Photograph

A Lesson in Paugh

The mistake most people make about paugh is that they try to disentangle paugh from the effects of paugh - but the two are intricately intertwined. The essence of paugh lies in a deep draining of energy ("paughing out") from those who become exposed to something paugh, combined with a touch of normalcy. Paugh is not just random funny things nor things that make people pass out - so an anesthetic delivering troupe of clowns does not necessarily have to be paugh. It is a subtle art, taught to us by Chinese grand masters.

Life of the Party

Covering All the Bases

Bizarre / Paugh / Awesome Costume

Blonder as you go Down

Arg Me Matey

His Beard is Sweeping

Mysterious Tiger

Saved this exactly as I saw it as a part of a sidebar ad about DSL - don't ask, I have no clue what this has to do with internet access.

Wholesome swimwear final follow-up.

A quick one: The word "Culotte" found on that website . . . man that is one paugh, paugh word!

Modest, err... "Wholesome" Swimwear


Dancing Machine


It's paugh that someone even bothered to make this.

Taking Advantage of Sweaters: Paugh

Psychotic People: Not Paugh

Reiteration: Paugh Starts Early



From Mike. Paugh at 7000 rpms.