doily doily on the jar



I thought I had done a potato face post previously, but I'm not sure. 

pugs and photoshop


I'm not exactly sure about the exact relationship between pugs, photoshop, and paugh.  For pugs in general, there's a perpetual downward force that must be overcome to breath, but there is also the element of shame in their faces that is mysteriously connected to paugh at times.  I'm wondering if you examined the breeding history of pugs if you might find a parent breed up the line that might have been purebred paugh (I mean...paugh-->pugh-->pug?)  Additionally, Photoshop allows paugh elements to infiltrate nonpaugh subjects (mohawks, smartphones, and pugs, for example) and for paugh elements to be combined unnaturally, which enhances the effect (the pug and potato, for example). I welcome any other suggestions as well. 

koalas in hawaiian shirts

some stares drain the life out of you.  this one is one of those.  

is there a segway - pogo stick paugh connection?

purse hats are paugh

presenting paugh

aaaannnnddd ankle weights are paugh

It should really be no surprise that products designed to weigh you down are paugh. 

fingerweights and keyboards are paugh

paperweights are paugh

sanitized, head-tilted paugh

Non-paugh people somehow affected by paugh.  Note the four left hands like paugh lead to their sides in mesmerizingly downward-tending symmetry.  There was probably a flash involved, too. 

paugh goes wilder - 3

There's no wrong time for Matthew Wilder.  

ooltewauuuggghhh is never out of season


low hanging metaphors are paugh

grandpa's home cooking

raise your hands for paugh

mobile RV academy

edward's rock

davis deejays


patriotic treats

patriotic wands