oversized things

with bonus socks and sandals!

adam of paughternia

ponchos, pedicabs, hoverounds, kermit, and moss

how to recover from a paugh-out

goodbye summer

spandau ballet

you're welcome, carl

never kiss a weathergirl

neon bowling pins and giant hats

pavement...yes, paugh

again, with more intensity


automatic paugh posture

fair potato

Fair Day: 10.16! Mark your Calendars!

Paugh Mainstays: Fred and Sharon

Praughps to Joy and Dave for reminding us of the paugh that is Fred and Sharon.

evie's dad and a paugh bunny

archery posture


Why you should never google image search "levitating cat"

potatoes and eggs

Pretty Handy with a Bow Staff

Or...IS she?

Paugh Aerobics

Always been a personal favorite flavor of paugh.
Spend some time looking at this one. There is more here than initially meets the eye.

eschatological paugh

aladdin pants


paugh goes wilder -2

solid gold, indeed

paugh teacher appreciation

An email I (and others) received today from another teacher:

Just wanted to let you know you are doing a bang up job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite possibly, Teacher of the Year material!!!!!!!!!!

paugh content: large red default font, multiple exclamation points, sagging unicorn horn

vuvuzela paugh