The paugh ambiance of this photo is amazing...right down to the small irrational detail on the top corner of the chair.

The Horrible Revenge

ask for barney

President's Monthly Message

"I felt all alone..."

sheep bot

S.F.P.T.O.T.O.O.T member confessionals

society for putting things on top of other things

what cat suit?

it makes my toes itch




alls I's gots to say is ... Melissa ... oh how we miss you

the legendary golden fannypack

boring photos of grills hold a dear place in my heart

these pants are a pickle!

holding toast(?)

familial paugh

HUGE hat

Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society is the wing of the World Wide Paugh Research Group focusing on developing paugh with in the area of red hats. This is a very specialized area of paugh research, and these ladies do a magnificent job. Click here to visit their website.

synthesized paugh

Luke, I am your paughther...