promise kept - 2 (the utah claw)

promise kept

Promise Keepers

susie and stern

continental drift - 2

continental drift - 1

Paughfan212 has shown himself approved again and again, but with these videos, he has officially reached Paugh Sage status. 


Puns are not paugh themselves, but combined with amatueur videography and nerds, they are paugh indeed. (from Paugh scout, Willa P.)

flair '93

player cards

-inspired by flair '94-

say, "paugh!"

jeopardy contestants

pet cemetaries and errol morris

-via the ever faithful Paughfan212-

world's largest barrel

metal guys

-ripped almost entirely from this post from 2009 at Metal Inquisition-

carl sagan

ceramic paugh (fitz and floyd)

edibly arranged paugh

trust falls - 2

trust falls - 1

somethin's brewin' in texas

tea parties are paugh