hand singing

from Amy (Peach Magnolia) Nelson

informal gathering

it is the year of the paugh

Celebrate in a ceremonial fashion.

paugh pandas

Found Paugh: SF Yoga

Found this in an ice-cream shop last night.

how to spot a mason

[thx Monty Python]

the bitter war against symmetry

you must be this tall to ride

paugh paugh image.

ceremonial paughout

in a post apaughcalyptic world, animals will rule the Earth

All roads lead to...

Paugh Rd

Thanks to future paugh-wife Kelly for this discovery.

Dog Weddings

Dogs that must cater to their paugh owners.

vintage paugh

ear candling

Ear candling: paugh (or prove me wrong).

Here's a sample.

revenge of amateur radio

"come... talk... be a friend."


card catalogue

crushing the hopes and dreams of forlorn children.

bowling supplies

feel the fabric. pay your dealer.


the paugh of horticulture

speaking of the website from which these images were curated, paugh-wife ruth:

the collection as a whole is a good example of why holding things in front of the camera with you in order to have your photo snapped is in most cases unavoidably paugh and immediately reduces the impressiveness of any such item

for more:



paugh, she wrote

cheating on Lady Propane

While I'm not sure the subject himself is paugh, the pleats, vinyl siding, and dad t-shirt are certainly seeking a paugh-out.


Modest Swimwear--2