A Dedication

I saw this on a page about Kurt Cobain, so I figure I'm safe from legal action if it is. In any case, this guy has a paugh expression on his face.

Yet Another Victim of Paugh Overdose

I would apologize for not giving regular paugh, but I saw a lady in sweatpants picking out decorated cakes for an office party, and I passed out for several days.


This is NOT paugh - this gives me nightmares.

I Do[pey]

Squinty, Astonished, Paughed Out

Male Trapeze Nipples: Paugh

Advanced Lesson in Pronunciation and Meaning

Dictionary.com/Word of the Day: pallor

A Lesson in Predictability

Learning can be paugh sometimes. If you don't understand why this is paugh, then it's ok - this is subtle paugh.

oh... my... gosh...

Mike found an incredible source of paugh - I've put the highres images here for your enjoyment. Each one is a potential Paugh All Star in the making.

Lee Fowler - Paughsome Tipper

As I put together a long post to make up for days of neglect, I report to you something Lee saw. In Griffin, GA, an Indian guy (from India) was seen kicking around a dead snake in a gas station parking lot for no good reason. The people inside noticed, but were largely unconcerned. I imagine the scene was much like kicking a pebble as one walks down the street, but replace the pebble with a dead snake and walking down the street with wandering in circles in a gas station's lot.

Flashed Paugh

Desecrating the Triforce Symbol

This is an apartment favorite. Paugh in true form. I can retire.

He's a Real Firecracker

Smokey the Bear - Pretty Paugh

Church Signs Writ Large

I have trouble believing that billboards like this actually help anyone... maybe I just haven't gotten my dose of WORD EXPLOSION yet...

Paugh and Creepy - Small Town Signs

I saw this on my trip through Macon - signs like this do not survive in Atlanta.

fluffy wuffy

Paugh Out: Dangers Of

Police Sketches

I've found a new source of as-of-yet untapped paugh...

And this last one is great. As Trent would say: "Description - has eyes"

Current Events Quiz

Paugh activity, very paugh faces & gestures result (middle one in particular). Name this current event:

RIP - Rest In Paugh

When paughsome.com finally dies, I want this to be posted up on people's websites. Prophetic, no?


I will not explain why, but say a long drawn out "foooooooooyyyyyy" (like soy) when you see this. It so works.

Willie Creations

When I get bored, I like to make things. I've found that without proper restraint, some of the things I create have paugh undertones (refer above). I claim that my chalk board creations are the most paugh... but so few survived until the archiving process. sigh.

Double Feature Wednesday

paugh out