flashlight convention

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fantastic fiction

Once again, thanks to Paughfan212 for this incredible find. 
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thank friday, it's extra extraterrestrial paugh!

extraterrestrial paugh

bob ross inspired paugh

mom 'n' me weekend

boo paugh

engineers from around the world - 3

-Malaysia and Pakistan-

engineers from around the world - 2

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thank friday, it's engineers from around the world!

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lighting, instrument, posture


white space and yancy

paugh family resemblance


Sometimes, paugh has unpredictable results. 

Porsche Paa

a flaming head of school-spirit paugh

garden variety paugh

goodbye, henriettaugh

pucks and quilts

the paugh oath / awkward high fives

articles of infestation


lessons in paugh: how to exhale