paugh relaunch

Paugh folks and aficionados,

Unfortunately, I have gotten behind on posts since the end of last year.  While the idealist in me believes I can truly get caught up, the realistic truth is that I probably will not be able to catch up any time soon.  Sooooo, in March, daily posts will return.

I will attempt to go back and fill in the gaps when time allows.  One unbroken strand of daily paughflap posts is my ultimate goal.  Feel free to send any submissions to, and I will sift through them as time allows. 

So, in the meantime, some inflatable dog caughlars:

Quintessential Paugh - Educational

I met one of my wife's coworkers this week.  She's told him about paugh, and he'd visited this site, but he still had questions about what it was exactly.  As we all know, paugh must be experienced to be understood (though no one can ever fully understand it).  I want to send him links to five quintessential paugh posts to help him understand, and I NEED YOUR HELP.  Please comment to this post with some of the posts from the paughrcives you think best demonstrate the essence of paugh.  Dig deep.  The future demands it.