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I met one of my wife's coworkers this week.  She's told him about paugh, and he'd visited this site, but he still had questions about what it was exactly.  As we all know, paugh must be experienced to be understood (though no one can ever fully understand it).  I want to send him links to five quintessential paugh posts to help him understand, and I NEED YOUR HELP.  Please comment to this post with some of the posts from the paughrcives you think best demonstrate the essence of paugh.  Dig deep.  The future demands it.


Paughfan212 said...

www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=9931727&postID=4520129017657342767 Definitely the West Virginia Public Accountants Association.

I'll make another search through the literature later. This is difficult! I wonder how paugh or our idea of it have changed over time?

lee said...

Maybe this as it marks the first documented comment from Paughfan212:


Paughfan212 said...

That is important for historical context, anyway! It is important to learn the development of a concept if one is to understand it as it stands!

I've always struggled to explain paugh to people, and I usually resort to subjecting to a barrage as I scroll through the site, never lingering too long on any particular one. Too much of any particular aspect of paugh will give the inductee a limited scope, and leave them terribly misguided.

In that spirit, here are three posts that together should help properly focus and broaden the scope of paugh in your wife's coworker's mind, though these will never suffice. Free your mind and the paugh will follow. The kingdom of paugh is within!




lee said...

Goood selections, paughfan212. I wonder if we have any representative examples of nonhuman paugh.

Brett said...

These are perfect! Except, Paughfan212, your first link is just a link to this very post! Must your torture us with your infinite regression? Out with the correct link, I implore you. We are at your mercy.

Paughfan212 said...



You are right to seek nonhuman instances, lee. It is easy to get caught up in the human side of paugh, but we must remember that it is a cosmic force, and the goal should be to unite man and heavens in a unified theory by which we can make commensurable such notions as "this sandwich is more paugh than that gas giant which is more paugh than this little girl."

Brett said...

Okay, here are my suggestions, including a couple of non-human instances of paugh.


This search was the most exhausting thing I've ever done. I spent the majority of weekend comatose.

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