first cat on the moon

santa paugh-out pose

b9 r.b.c. - 3 (return of the b9)

last one!

b9 r.b.c. - 2 (fred b and lew p and another guy)

for more, go here.

b9 robot builders club

peanuts and toast and peanut butter toast (and a cat)

turkey hats

the luftons

thanksgiving, 1995

handprint turkeys

feathering / pilgrim hat

freshman dorms and purple bats

thank friday, it's tommy "wildfire" rich!

no-socks math team coach

no-chin math team member

still waiting on Brett's commissioned math team post...

mc hammer

7th grade, 1991

8th grade, 1992

swan boats and swan clocks

goose neck statue, goose in a bowl, and mother goose

thank friday, it's awkward!

more from the chen chus

memory lane

a little trip...

morgan county emergency management agency