train(ing in) paugh-outs

i keep one in my car for emergencies

unicorn hats are paugh



--Shoulder-pads and Photoshop/MSPaint--

paugh quarantine

awkward high fives are paugh - 2

bonus elements of paugh: flash photography, intersecting houseplant, ambiguous facial hair, shapeless clothes, purposeless headband

awkward high fives are paugh

Suleiman the Magnificent

headband or hair?

charge card on a chair rail

paugh sensei! - 3

We've mined the paughtential of maughtial arts before, but a quick drill never hurts.

adults and stuffed animals


(cub) scout's honor - 2 (paugh in training)

scout's honor - 1 (paugh signs)

the ditmers

paugh protection

p(augh). n. news

metallipaugh - kill 'em paugh

upward paughbility - 2

upward paughbility - 1

Stable, Unstable, and Neutral Equilibrium

presenting: this leather couch

maw maw

thanks, jack

cosby sweaters are paugh