our new camper - 2


our new camper - 1

paugh invading nature

camp deer paw paugh for paw paw

october 29

grandma camp

paugh commission: math team

Given our common high school experience, I commissioned Brett with a Math Team post for Paughflap a long time ago.  This will have to tide everyone over until then. 

broken fan photo-bombs are paugh

paugh to reality

paugh: cloud or shine

it's about paugh


those crafty golfers (and a guy playing the bagpipes)

those crafty buffalo

paugh rewards

-Never has a future paugh out been so guaranteed (via Paughfan212)-

paugh around the clock

-lovely find from Paughfan212-

he's too generous sometimes

half a dozen half a dozen (or so) biscuits

paws for buster(s)



-inspired by a Willaugh submission-