Paugh or Naugh

Sent to me from a friend and coworker (same guy) with question:  paugh or naugh?

What think ye?  See context here.  Discuss.


Paughfan212 said...

Prostates and men's health in general really can be paugh, moustaches can contribute in the right context, and that circumoral thinking hand motion thing also may be a species of "not sure where to put one's hands." These men look like they might be the subject of rather paugh "employee" photos, etc., etc. But I'd say that this image itself shows relatively low levels of paugh, maybe local TV news levels.

piejoy said...

I'd say it is good that they are all touching their faces, but I'm going to vote naw on account of the flattering angle and the oh so smooth eyebrow raise on the bottom right.