The Dixie Retort



Paughfan212 said...

Canning is one of the more esoteric practices of paughfolk and grandmothers. I understand the appeal of knitting, etc. much more than canning.

That image, quote, and retort are great. The retort comes with THREE different cocks: a 1/4" Air Cock, two 1/4" Pet Cocks, and a Bleeder Cock!! (gets good around 1:00. The uploader also has at least one "Canning with Meemaw" video) <----- This is important! They also make peanut brittle. Maybe, after thorough and chronic immersion in paugh, the corpus humorus of the brain, judge of all things laughable, points in on itself and declares church bulletins, canning, and the like to be absurd and funny?

Jesse Fried said...

watched the first youtube video. a very intimate look at how deeply the phenomenon we are studying affects certain people's lives. Funny how the accents and the beer bellies are foreign to me, but the paugh brings it all so close to home. I can empathize with the whole ethos through paugh. Also made the observation that as the video progresses and the beer starts flowing, a certain kind of relaxed energy kicks up and watching becomes more bearable. Alcohol as anti-paugh?

Jesse Fried said...
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