rocks and the people who love them

Once upon a time, Willa, a friend of paugh, emailed me some pictures from some sort of rock and mineral show.  Not sure if they were ever posted, but her groundbreaking discoveries have literally struck a paugh vein.  Following her lead, paugh forty-niners everywhere can dip their pans into this paugh creek and forever sieve out the most immaculate and pure chunks of paugh. 

Truly, rock and mineral societies are seemingly limitless sources of paugh.  Over the next few days, I will be posting results from a quick paugh excavation that only only reaches into the very top of the upper mantle.  I am sure subsequent digs will yield even more.  Enjoy!


piejoy said...

Hooray! I actually took a few of the pictures I sent you. I just looked around and realized that I was standing in an ocean of paugh. There has got to be some sort of innate attraction between rocks and paughoids. Gravity?

William Mather said...

only you understand me, feldspar