Paugh or naugh? Cross-dressing couples

Need help on this one.  29 couples pictured.  Picture 1 = normal clothes; picture 2 = swapped clothes.  Examples below.  Paugh or naugh?


Paughfan212 said...

All the men are, I think, with the one by the wall the most paughest.

Not so much for the women, I think. Maybe the woman by the wall is a little, though I lean (paughly) towards say that she really just looks a little funny in a nonpaugh way.

I wonder if men in *paugh* women's clothing amplifies the paugh of the clothing?

lee said...

There are definitely some paugh influences.

-imitating the posture of the previous picture, especially if the arms are both by their side

-men attempting to wear or stand on women's shoes adds a dopiness that could be identified as paugh. makes me think of dylan's "leopard-skinned pillbox hat"..."like a mattress balancing on a bottle of whine"

-there's a weighty, leaden, downward quality that pushes paughward when larger men fit in smaller women's clothes. what was once light and airy is now protruding and sinking.

not paugh outright, and not even paugh elements, but details contributing to a paugh effect.

Brett said...

Great comments, guys. I'm with you. The concept here is more paugh than the execution.