susan and a related, debatably paugh captain america

I'm a sucker for a photoshaughpped background chop (notice even the accentuated wave on the right), and that is combined here with awkward cropping. There is also the tremendous downward pull of her suit jacket neckline and diagonally cascading hair. To be sure, tumbling uncontrollably out of the frame is often a subtle paugh indicator.  Also, there should be an additional appellation for the lean's cousin, the "turn-towards" pose.  I think the relative intensity or listlessness of the gaze is also a factor.  With that being said, there's more energy in her face than is often associated with paugh, but there's something lurking I can't quite put my finger on.  The stiffly swiveling bust also made me think of the infamous Rob Liefeld Captain America cover.  Not sure if false anatomy is paugh or not, but you can think about that on your drive home tonight.   

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Paughfan212 said...

Shoulder pads.