portable air conditioners



One quality often found in close relationship with paugh is a lack of self-awareness.  It is hard for something or someone to be fully aware of their own paugh qualities.  If this is true, the portable a/c unit is a paugh appliance.  Notice the complete lack of awareness of its surroundings in each of the photos above.  They are eager, and they bring cool refreshing air, but they are only placed where humidity and heat, torpor and malaise have already had their devastating sway. It is no accident their function is a persistent exhalation: "paaauuuuugghhhhhhhh."
(inspired by the photo in Brett's post)


Paughfan212 said...

So paughhhhh is the opposite of heat/humidity? I do always imagine paugh folk as being cold to the touch.

In some of them, I experience a pareidolia in which the dials and vent form a face, with the vent being the mouth, of course. The vent is open, and, behold, the AC unit is mouthbreathing.

lee said...

Not sure paugh has a temperature, but I'm guessing hot and humid environments breed paugh in its fecund womb.

Like you, I can also imagine cool, clammy flesh both a symptom and example of paugh.

Brett said...

I nominate this for 2012 Post of the Year.

And I think hot and humid tends to breed more paugh than cold, but not absolutely. In thinking about this question, we must never forget paugh's roots: eating warm Mrs. Winner's biscuits on a hot Sunday in a car with no air conditioning, while wearing church clothes.