bill byrne 2

All from glorious
(He lost.  And unfortunately...paugh lost.)


Paughfan212 said...

AND THE LORD paugh SAID: You will make a covenant with all that is fluffy, pastel, and exhibiting downward tendency in its heart. You will make note of it where none have made note before. You will bring it into the immaughnent, displaying Revaughlation for all. And mark the words of your Lord: If the paugh is known by even a single man, then my Creation will persist. These knowers are the paughdikim ( see ), and they shall maintain the awareness of paugh for all humanity, while the rest shall be producers of prodigious paugh, the likes of which will steer the course of great nations. It is My will that the paugh of the land live on in everlasting downward tendency, and My will shall be done.

Paughfan212 said...

That is, paugh may have lost the battle, but it'll never lose the war.