solar paugh

via Josh Teague:

I haven't been inspired by anything paugh related over the last couple years until today with an image I stumbled across as a result of the solar eclipse. The idea of taking a photo of something happening across a piece of dopey cardboard attached to a ladder (when something truly amazing is right up in the sky) is just insane. (Yes, I know it's not "safe" to look at that kind of thing straight on, but come on — we all do, or at least _should_. Live a little!)


Paughfan212 said...

There is something about sensing (maybe only seeing) something through something else that is paugh. "Birding/birdwatching" yields some great binocular-clad results (and great hats too). There are magnifying glasses, those funny toy periscopes, 3D glasses, regular glasses, and the list goes on.

Brett said...

The forever-lost paugh-rchives had a post on bird watching. May it rest in peace.

Paughfan212 said...

Just as the wisdom of the Ancients applies to everything we know now and more, the lost-but-not-forgotten paughrchives contained the everlasting Form of paugh. All we can do now is come closer and closer, never reaching it, always mouthbreathing.