Paugh is often a work of nuance, energy-draining, physically disabling, downward-tending nuance.  Often those searching the horizon for the latest manifestation of paugh, miss the details in the foreground of the paugh vista.  In this respect, Willa has proven her paugh mettle, isolating and curating evidence of a paugh phenomenon we here at paughflap were too paughed out on the floor to notice. 

I give you the bubble at the top of snowglobe.  It is one of those paugh occurrences that are best experienced, not explained.  Take your time with these.  Gaze, gaze, gaze until your eyelids droop, the temperature raises 6 degrees, and the half a dozen Popeyes biscuits arrive. 

The last example, the Liberace Snowglobe, is perhaps the most remarkable, and will henceforth identify paugh submissions we feel are of special merit. 

Congratulations, Willa!


Paughfan212 said...

Congratulation, Willa!!

Brett said...

Well done.