"It was goodbye to looking like my sisters."

A new flavor of paugh chugs into the International House of Paughncakes. A story of love between a man and his moustache. Enter the inner thoughts of Rwanda's Gabriel Baziramwabo:

When I was very young, people used to tell me that I looked like my sisters.

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame
Like his president, Gabriel can't imagine life without a moustache

At that time this made me very happy because my sisters are so beautiful and the idea that one day a part of my face would turn hairy made me nervous.

But then a time came - and I do not know how fast it happened - when a part of my face turned hairy.

It was goodbye to looking like my sisters.

"Ok," I thought. "No use crying over spilt milk."

But gradually another kind of enjoyment developed within me.

I grew to love to the newcomer, the moustache on my upper lip.

This love gradually became so strong that now the thought of living without my moustache makes me sad.

When I go to a barber to get it trimmed I warn them beforehand, "Hey... take care of my moustache. I don't want to look like a woman!"